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Jewel Match Solitaire Collector's Edition game
Jewel Match Solitaire Collector's Edition
Jewel Match meets Solitaire!

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Mystery Case Files: Huntsville game
Mystery Case Files: Huntsville
For the sleuth in us all!
Dark Romance: The Monster Within game
Dark Romance: The Monster Within
Your portrait reveals your fate!
Spacebound game
Save Picolytes!
Bugatron Worlds game
Bugatron Worlds
The bugs are back!
Sweetopia game
Get a sugar rush!

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Here you can find and download for free the best and most popular games, such as Mystery Case Files: Huntsville, Dark Romance: The Monster Within, Spacebound, Bugatron Worlds, Sweetopia, and more.

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Mystery Case Files: Huntsville game
28 MB
Mystery Case Files: Huntsville
November 30, -0001
A crime spree baffles Huntsville police! Can you help solve the crime? more…
Dark Romance: The Monster Within game
910 MB
Dark Romance: The Monster Within new!
October 8, 2017
Mysterious portraits are causing their subjects to transform into monsters! more…
Spacebound game
13 MB
November 30, -0001
t's up to you and the bumbling Captain Bloom to rescue the adorable Picolytes. more…
Bugatron Worlds game
7 MB
Bugatron Worlds
November 30, -0001
Stat blasting your way through this fast and fun game of bug popping in outer space. more…
Sweetopia game
27 MB
November 30, -0001
Save the candy factory in this swift and delectable action puzzle. more…
Cardboard Castle game
66 MB
Cardboard Castle (Arcade games)
November 30, -0001
Become a fearless knight in Cardboard Castle, an incredible Arcade game with a unique cardboard art style! more…
Teddy Floppy Ear: Mountain Adventure game
297 MB
Teddy Floppy Ear: Mountain Adventure (Arcade games)
May 13, 2013
Mixing fun, adventure and a healthy dose of learning, join Teddy Floppy Ear on his new mountain adventure. more…
Hidden Object Crosswords 2 game
201 MB
Hidden Object Crosswords 2 (Puzzle games)
December 5, 2014
Solve crosswords to find the hidden objects! Enjoy the sequel to one of the most successful mix of word and hidden objects game genre! more…
Jewel Match IV game
231 MB
Jewel Match IV (Puzzle games)
June 17, 2014
Voyage through a wondrous match-3 adventure as Luna, a recent graduate of the Magic University. Search Varanah for the missing wizard, Ludovic! more…
From the Sky game
48 MB
From the Sky (Puzzle games)
May 13, 2016
Plunge into an adventure full of mystery and danger. Unique Match 3 mechanics will give you a fresh perspective on the genre. more…

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